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We are aware of your continuously evolving organizational needs, and at Afghan Taksar we help you keep pace with operational demands. Our costume designed curriculums are the ideal solution for training and building the capacity of your staff, in areas of infrastructure design, maintenance, and upgrading of telecommunication and security infrastructure.

We enhance the level of expertise and technical prowess of your communication and information systems staff. We offer training modules in Motorola Solutions, Hanwha Techwin, Rapiscan and Ebinger products. Trainees are awarded credible certifications, which are recognized internationally. This accreditation is stemming from our numerous partnership and distribution agreements with key global manufacturers. We are your one-stop shop for training and capacity building projects. Our growing training portfolio can help optimize your team’s proficiency. Increase the return on your investment with our versatile training solutions and best practices from our expert instructors and designers.

Our training modules and curriculum are perfected over hundreds of hours of course delivery, and feedback received from past trainees. From needs analysis to course development, customization and delivery, we can design a training program that helps you configure, operate and maintain your products and systems to best fit your operational demands.

Give your guests The experience they expect! With Motorola DP4000 Series... Digital two-way portable radios with unlimited features for communication.

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