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Afghan Taksar Services

Afghan Taksar Ltd. provides Motorola Genuine two-way radios and systems including warranty and make facilities for technical services such as installation, programming, repairing and training whole around Afghanistan’s region for governmental and non-governmental NGOs and International Organizations and Military Forces.
In order to provide Solutions that meet the specific demand and wishes of our customer, Afghan Taksar Ltd. provide shelter facility over Kabul TV Hill which supports by MOD and official advice of MOC.

Shelter Service Promises:
Afghan Taksar Ltd provides shelter services which to support Mains AC 230V/ 50 Hz Afghanistan standard and 30 KVA generator for backup system, 25m tower with grounding system for antennas. 20 feet container designed for standard sheltering electronics devices. 
Afghan Taksar Ltd will take the security of your equipment responsibility in our shelter services over Kabul TV Hill under terms and conditions of this contract.

Afghan Taksar TowerAfghan Taksar Tower

Duty Time:
Afghan Taksar Ltd works full week excluding Fridays& official holy days.

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