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Afghan Taksar offers unique level of Technical support, which includes helping end user with:
- A higher level of technical support on-site or via email or phone.
- Education and training of users and customer technical staff (Afghan Taksar Academy)
- Site survey conduction for better coverage and performance of your setup
- RF Coverage and data-link performance study
- System integration planning
- Power Backup solutions provider 
- Repair handling
- Remote technical support
- Online knowledge-base FAQ for easy troubleshooting


Afghan Taksar Communications offers unsurpassed repair and installation services for your wireless needs; with repair and installation facilities on-site and a fleet of service trucks on the road every day, we can get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Afghan Taksar has served as a Motorola Service Shop for over 10 years; with a staff of installers, technicians, project technicians, programmers and project engineers dedicated to this aspect of our business, we are committed to the excellence of the service we provide. 

As one of the most technologically savvy service teams in our industry, we have continuous training on new products and technologies so we can keep you ahead of the technology curve.

We offer both on-site and in-field installations.  Our trained installers can perform the installation you need – from the simplest to the most complex install job.

Site Maintenance
Build, Manage and Maintain

You can arrange for us to handle the life-cycle management and maintenance of your system.
There's no better investment in network performance or peace of mind than putting the powerful resources of our technical staff on your team.
We understand the newest and best solutions because often we're the ones who installed them. We never forget that your wireless communications are a vital means to an end: achieving your organization's strategic objectives.
We have the engineering knowledge you need to design, build, upgrade, expand, and maintain mission-critical networks. Our complete array of Technical Services is available when you need it.
We offer support from our committed, highly-trained, experienced professionals. You can rely on our state-of-the-art equipment, repair facility, help desks, and field support. Make our Support Centers part of your team.
Ensure the high-quality communications you need, without breaking the bank or distracting your people from their work.


Conducting a thorough site survey is essential when designing a communication network.
Without it, coverage and performance can never be optimized.
A do-it-yourself site survey is far better than none. However, when leaving this task to Afghan Taksar, you make sure you get the best performance from your investment. 
Our experience tells us how to avoid blind spots in coverage, how to extend range at no extra costs by utilizing landscape features and how to optimize the number of repeaters necessary.
As the word "site survey" indicates, site surveys needs to be done on site.
And not only the terrain or vegetation of the countryside matter when conducting site surveys, but also interference from other installations, power lines, larger structures and such.

Wireless Telecom Network Solutions

1- Build, manage & maintain wireless telecom network:
- Design, build, upgrade, expand and maintain mission-critical wireless radio communication networks
- Consulting, network design and planning, integration, project management and technical support
2- On-site maintenance:
- Technical engineering, on-site maintenance, quality, safety and regulation compliance.
3- Customer training:
- Training on System implementation, usage and maintenance
4- Integrated Security Solutions System design, Engineering, Site Development, Installation, Commissioning, and Training &Technical Support of:
- CCTV Security Systems
- Thermal Cameras
- Vessel Traffic Management & Information System
- Automatic Identification System (AIS)
- Maritime Surveillance
- Coastal Surveillance
- Off-shore collision avoidance, Safety and Security Systems
- Management Information System
- Command & Control System for Defense & Aerospace Market

Certified Service Center
1- What is the Certified Service Center Program?
The Certified Service Center (CSC) program is designed as a tool to help consumers find quality service centers, to help electronics and appliance manufacturers select service centers for in-warranty repairs, and to provide a standard for professional service firms that desire to offer outstanding customer service.
2- Showing our customers that we mean business!
Becoming a Certified Service Center demonstrates to our customers, and the whole industry, that customer service and satisfaction are paramount to our service center. It let your customers know that they are guaranteed high quality. Our service deserves to be recognized, so take your business one step beyond the rest.
Certified Service Center (CSC) status places our business in the elite network of service centers that consumers turn to for quality assurance. Our business will be listed in the CSC directory - to be distributed to industry and consumers, as well as being listed on Consortium Members web sites.
3- What’s involved?
To attain Certified Service Center status, a service center must comply with specified requirements determined by representatives of all facets of the service industry.
4- Certification Requirements:
- Facility Service Capability
- Code of Conduct
- Appropriate Test Equipment and Tools
- Customer Service and Warranty Policy
- Management Skills
- Technician Certifications
- Licensing and Insurance
- Professional Appearance

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