New MOTOTRBO Entry- and Mid-Tier Radios launched


Motorola is introducing three new series to the MOTOTRBO family; the DP1000, the DM1000 and the DM2000. Motorola is expanding their existing portfolio with these entry- and mid-tier portable and mobile radios which meets a wider range of requirements and price points. More users will now be able to welcome the benefits of MOTOTRBO and transition to digital.

The DP1000 Series
This simple entry-tier non-display portable radio is the choice of voice-only users and features better audio quality, better coverage and better battery performance for an affordable price. It is rugged and is rated for IP54 construction. It has 16 channels and comes in VHF and UHF. 

It is offered in two-versions; in dual analog and digital or analog only. The series features Dual Capacity Direct Mode, which enables twice as many calls in the same spectrum.

It is perfect for the everyday users who wants to stay connected.

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The DM1000 Series.
This entry-tier mobile radio provides the advanges of voice communication. It comes in two models; a two-digit numeric (DM1400) and a high-contrast alphanumeric display (DM1600). 

The Series comes in VHF and UHF and is available in analog and digital versions. It features 
Background Noise supression and transmit interrupt to prioritize calls. 

It is the perfect match for users who needs to stay in contact and on track wherever.

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The DM2000 Series 
This mid-tier display radio features voice and system capabilities. It is rugged and comes with an alphanumeric display and 160 channels. It comes in VHF and UHF and offers dual analog and digital mode for easy migration. 

The Series features Intelligent Audio, Dual Capacity Direct Mode and comes with a variety of optional software upgrade licenses.

The DM2000 Series is perfect for users on the move who needs clear communication with ease.


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