Early warning

The 2-way radio market is steadily migrating from analog to digital technology.

Analog portfolio Expires
Motorola Solutions have announced that by the end of 2014 they intend to cut off the analog portfolio and focus entirely on their full range of digital products carrying the MOTOTRBO label.

To many, this will be an almost emotional goodbye to the trusted and excellent radios, which have lifted the Motorola brand to its current market leading level. But in with the new comes further improved features including security, warranty and call functions.

Migration made easy
Choosing the successors to such famous models as the rugged CP040 and the more advanced GP340 has been made easy thanks to the new DP1000 series.

The future-proof DP/DM1000 Motorola 2-way radio series are available in dual mode, making both analog and digital operation possible. In other words, they will operate on equal terms with existing analogue radios as well as in a more advanced digital network. These options enable the users to make the transition from analog to digital at own pace.

Join the Future Today
Digital operation has many key advantages, which can be rolled out and utilized as the network infrastructures are upgraded. 

Better audio quality, longer battery life and a whole new world of functionality are some of the good reasons for going digital.

Another good reason is the fact, that analog radios are not likely to be produced beyond 2014. They will be serviced during the next 5 years to come, but after that, the world belongs to digital technologies.

Contact your sales representative for questions about going digital.

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