An economical solution for organisations with a mobile workforce, the easy-to-use GM140 offers fundamental functionality to ensure efficient and effective communications with vehicle-based staff.

Easy-to-use with push-button operation and LED indicators requiring minimal training, the GM140 is data capable allowing for customisation to reflect the way that the organisation works. The functionality can also be expanded with third-party options boards such as voice storage to avoid missing an important message when away from the vehicle. A range of interchangeable programmable buttons is also available for further tailoring.


    Reliability and robustness 
    The GM140, like all Motorola two-way radios, has passed the unique Motorola Accelerated Life Test which simulates 5 years hard use in real-life conditions. Designed for use in extreme operating conditions, the GM140 exceeds the demanding requirements set out in US Military Standards and IP54 specification.

    Ease of use 
    The simple push-button operation, combined with easily understood LED indicators, allows your employees to communicate effectively with minimal training. User-friendliness is further enhanced through the use of swappable, programmable buttons. This means that those features most valued by your workforce can be programmed to specific buttons labelled with instantly recognised legends.

    Excellent Audio Quality 
    The Motorola X-PandTM audio enhancement system helps to ensure that voice communications are heard first time, every time, even in noisy working environments

    Data capable 
    In addition to supporting a range of value-add accessories, the GM140's rear I/O connector provides an interface for third-party terminals, enabling seamless data communications on the move.

    PC Programmable 
    Enables your Motorola Authorised Dealer to customise your radio's feature set to meet your own specific requirements.

    The GM140 supports the Motorola PROIS Specification which means that it's fundamental feature set may be enhanced through a range of Motorola, and third-party, plug-in option boards. Examples of the option boards available include; Voice storage for message recording, storage and play-back, encryption for enhanced security, and SmarTrunk II for low-cost trunking.

    Fundamental Signalling Capability 
    The GM140 supports the following over-air signalling schemes; Private Line™ (CTCSS), and Private Line™, MDC1200, DTMF


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