Discontinued - Suggested Replacement   SRN-473S

The SRN-472S is ideal for those with limited experience of IP. With a built-in 4-port PoE switch and ‘zero configuration’ requirements, it truly is a case of Plug & Play. Installation time and cost is minimized by the PoE (Power over Ethernet) feature which removes the need for separate cables to each of the cameras for power and image transmission purposes. Simply plug in a VGA/HDMI monitor and use the included USB mouse or IR Remote to start the intall wizard & auto camera registration. The small footprint of just 14.5”x1.75”x12.5” the SRN-472S is likely to attract the attention of space conscious retailers who may wish to locate it under a checkout desk or in a small area.


Key Features:

• Up to 32Mbps network camera recording
• Easy camera installation via dedicated 4 PoE ports
• Up to 5megapixel IP camera supported
• Max 2 internal HDDs (Max 8TB, Over 2-months @2MP) 
• Alarm, MD & VA event recording & search
• Support Samsung viewers (iPOLiS mobile, SmartViewer)

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